13th December - Twelve Days of Christmas and the Gingerbread Biscuit Baking Video

Its just 12 days to Christmas and we are busy little elves sending out many baking and decorating kits.  It is an exciting time.  And so lovely to see how well received our kits have been here in Singapore.  We have are on to our third shipment of baking and decorating kits!  We feel truly blessed.
The Twelve Days of Christmas IGLive sessions are the brainchild of our lovely Marketing Head, Tracy Heah.  Twelve Days of Christmas Hacks, Tips and Tricks to make our baking kits festive and fun.  A nightly giveaway as well so those watching can re-create the treat we have made. 
So 9pm everynight for twelve consecutive nights i've been sharing some weird and wonderful ways of making our bakes a little bit Extra. We have made gingerbread and learnt how to get the perfect colour for your royal icing, we have also made a decadent Rocky Road Brownie and sandwich biscuits filled with Nutella.   Its been lovely to have everyone in my kitchen with me ,disco lights and dancing as well.  
We only have 3 more nights of these IGLIves but we will be busy with a pop up store at the weekend. We will be at The Bub Fair from Friday 17th December and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person.
I shall be runnnig a "Couture Cookie Atelier" at the pop up store.  For a donation of S$5 I wil decorate a cookie for you.  You decide on the design and the colour and the sprinkles for your cookie.  We look forward to meeting you!
Happy Baking! 
And I really hope you are managing to carve out time to make some wonderful christmas memories with your loved ones.




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