13th January 2022 - The year of the Tiger and the Pineapple White Chocolate Chunk cookies


So we have made it to the twos. 2022. The year of the Tiger. 

And so The Year of the Tiger.  I have been looking at the articles on predictions for the year ahead.  In Chinese astrology, the words to describe the year of the tiger are a year for change.  It is a water tiger which typically is an element that moves around obstacles and continues to flow.  Perhaps it will be a year where we overcome the many challenges we have faced over the previous two years.  Let us hope so.  I feel we could all do with some positive changes.

We celebrate the Lunar New Year with my husband’s family.  They are traditional and have their family traditions too.  We usually have the customary Reunion dinner where the entire extended family get together for a meal.   In the “before times” (ie time before the pandemic) there would be up to sixty people attending the event.  This year it will be different, I believe it will be just my husband’s immediate family and at my their family home.  This is usually followed by a Taoist praying session around midnight which my mother in law plans meticulously in the run up to the special day. 

The first and second day of Chinese New Year, we are at the family home to present gifts to my husband’s parents.  We make sure to include the customary Mandarin Oranges which symbolize gold as well as things like peaches and peanuts for longevity as well as other traditional gifts like Nian Gao (a sticky sweet rice cake) and pineapple tarts and of course Ba Kwa (sticky sweet savoury barbecued pork) which is a favourite of my father in law.

One of my favourite Chinese New Year treats is the Pineapple Tart which is more like a tiny biscuit.  Pineapple Jam and a sort of shortbread pastry.  There are many versions and as far as I know everyone has their favourite and have an opinion on which is “the best”. 

Inspired by these festive flavours, we invented through many trials and tweaks of our cookie version.  A soft chewy cookie with white chocolate chunks and a pineapple jam filled centre.  While it is not traditional and certainly not competing with the traditional, these are a lot easier to make.  Wonderful served warm with vanilla ice cream, these cookies also are a fun modern dessert to serve during the festive season.   The instruction video on how to make these delicious cookies is at the bottom of the page.

It is my wish for everyone to be able to spend time with their loved ones, especially as many families have been separated for such a long time.  Treasure these precious moments and make each minute count.  Get off your screens and take in every minute you have with your families.  Mostly, have fun welcoming in the year of the Tiger.  To positive change and overcoming those obstacles.


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