5th September - Magical Unicorns and Cupcakes!

Magical Unicorns and Cupcakes

Why Unicorns and Cupcakes?  Very simply it was a dear friend that made a request for a unicorn baking kit.  Her daughter loved everything unicorn and it would make for a fun activity for a playdate.  And so I started looking for the cookie cutters and sprinkles.  Such fun we had in creating this baking kit.  We found little gold unicorn horns and star sprinkles and the cookie cutters are adorable!  Cookie cutters in the shape of a unicorn, a rainbow and a shooting star.  Just gorgeous.


While looking for the unicorn cookie cutters, I also found the best cupcake shaped cookie cutters, which I just had to have.  Cupcakes have a special place in my heart.  Bisou Bake Shop started out as a cupcakery back in 2007 and we are still known for our cupcakes but also for our cakes and cookies 15 years later.  Our little shophouse store has grown into 4 stores located in shopping malls and a production kitchen which bakes and delivers daily to the stores.  It really has been a journey.

We launched our latest collection of Baking Kits 1st September in time for the September school holidays here in Singapore.  We are so grateful for the overwhelming response.  We sold out our first batch of unicorn and cupcake baking kits way before these arrived on Singapore shores!  As a small business, the response is always encouraging and so appreciated.  Thank you!


We shall be re-stocking these kits which will be ready for delivery on the 8th September.  Still in time to be made during the holidays.  Though perhaps also a weekend project during term time.  I understand how busy and hectic life can be as a working mother.  Juggling and keeping to busy schedules of school, activities and various classes children need to attend.  But do take time out to enjoy spending time with your children.  My daughter is now 20 years old and studies abroad.  I really miss her but I have so many memories of times we spent together baking and pottering round the kitchen when she was little.  She may not be home, but the memories are with me (and her) forever.


Happy Baking!!!!




We hope you have fun baking and making memories with your loved ones over the holidays and beyond

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