Our story

Bake with Bisou Baking Kits are a direct result of the pandemic we have all been living through since 2020.
Our journey begins when we were in lockdown. I decided to do some live bakealongs with family and friends and at the suggestion of our team, this was extended to our Bisou Bake Shop customers. Baking together some how kept us together and brought us some much needed lighter moments through what felt (and still often feels) like very dark times. Following the bakealongs, we then created an ebook with the recipes that we baked together over the seven weeks of bakealongs. All proceeds were given to our favourite charity.
We then created the Bake with Bisou Baking Kits. An instant hit, these baking kits were loved by our customers who were missing their favourite Bisou brownies and cookies. Beyond the eating, it was also the baking experience that many enjoyed. Through the various lockdowns, baking sessions with family and friends, be it in person or virtual, became an activity that had an end result of a delicious home baked treat. All done with minimum fuss. For Christmas, we added to our baking kit collection, gingerbread and vanilla iced (decorated) cookies. 
Bake with Bisou has since become a new product line of the Bisou brand. We hope you like these baking kits and enjoy the time spent with whomever you may bake them with. Let us all make delicious bakes and memories to keep. 
Happy baking!